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What kinds of Services does the Exploits Valley SPCA provide?

The Exploits Valley SPCA provides protection, shelter and care to hundreds of animals from all over Central Newfoundland.  The Exploits Valley SPCA helps animals in many ways, including:

Sheltering animals

One of the society's most important functions is to provide shelter to stray, lost, neglected and unwanted pets.  Hundreds of unwanted, abandoned, and stray animals rely on the Exploits Valley SPCA for care, comfort and a second chance every year.  For the period ending December 31, 2001, the Exploits Valley SPCA provided care, comfort and a second chance to 958 animals. This was a small increase from the previous year's stats of 931 and in 1999, we took in a total of 790.  Every year, the EVspca faces having to take in more and more unwanted animals. 

Investigating Cases of Cruelty and Neglect

The Exploits Valley SPCA has responded to upwards of 200 complaint calls every year.  With the current changes to the Animal Health and Protection Act, the RCMP are now primarily responsible for investigating cases of abuse and neglect.  We are still logging complaint calls and are working with the police when requested regarding these cases.

Boarding Facilities

To help pet owners enjoy vacation time without the need of bothering family and friends, the Exploits Valley SPCA provides cat and dog boarding facilities for a very modest  fee:

Cats- $10.00 per night

Dogs-$15.00 per night

Discounts apply for multiple animals. Reservations and vaccinations are a MUST.  We reserve the right to refuse animals not vaccinated and not spayed/neutered and/or in heat.  Proof of ID of ownership is also required.


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Frequently Asked



Q.  How is the EVSPCA funded?

A.  The Exploits Valley SPCA is a registered charity that is funded in several ways.  Most of our funding comes from direct donations from the public and businesses or their support of our many fundraising events.  An annual grant from the provincial government makes up approximately 10% of our yearly income.  Fees for various services also contribute to our budget.

Q.  What happens to my donations?

A.  Your general donations are used to cover the expenses of the day to day operations of the shelter unless you have a donation specially earmarked for certain projects such as: Dog Run Roof, Fencing, Spaying or Humane Education.  For more information, contact the shelter.  Tax credits are available to individual donations as well as company donations. An official income tax receipt is provided for each donation.

Q.  How can I make a difference?

A.  You an make a difference by contributing financially, contributing supplies or food, or by volunteering your time.  Volunteers are needed to help with shelter shifts, do repairs and maintenance, pick up animals in need, help with fundraising, paperwork, humane education, evaluating statistics, Junior Volunteer Group, walking dogs, or even helping shovel out after a snowstorm.  There are many ways you can get involved if you have a little time to spare.

 Q.  I'm from outside Grand Falls- Windsor and I want to help. What can I do? 

A.  We would love to have (and need) a broad base of supporters from all over Central Newfoundland.  We need eyes and ears in other communities who can field calls about animals in distress or need transportation to the shelter.  Volunteers can also help tremendously with humane education and fundraising in their communities.  Just give us a call!

Q.  How do you handle complaint calls?

A.  Pending changes to the Animal Protection Act, the SPCA is still taking calls regarding animal abuse and neglect, however calls should be made to the RCMP as they are now primarily responsible for investigation into complaints.  A name and phone number is needed for our Agents should they need additional information or need clarification on information given. 


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